Privacy policy and cookie notice

BookingButton allows you to set up your own privacy policy and cookie notice. Both elements are important for you to set up in order to be compliant.

If you want more information on compliance, please have a look at this article, in which we have collected some tips & tricks to help you with this.

Please find below our step by step guides on how to set up the privacy policy, followed by the cookie notice.  


Step 1:  Log in to your BookingButton BackOffice and go to the section ‘Edit content’.

If you click on ‘Edit content’ you will see a drop down menu in which you need to click on ‘Legal policies’.

Step 2: Adding your privacy policy information.

Under ‘Legal policies’ you find the option to click on the tab ‘Privacy policy’. As a next step you can select the language in which you would like to set up the policy. You can select a language in the language bar. On the right hand side of the language bar, you can find arrow symbols. If you click on those, a drop down menu with the available languages will open. In the example below, English has been selected. Thirdly, after selecting the language, you need to add the text for your privacy policy in the text box. Besides your customized policy, you will have by default also the ‘Fixed policy’ displayed which you can see under your ‘Privacy policy’ text box.

Important note: In order to be fully compliant, we advise to also add the paragraph of the ‘Fixed policies’ to the privacy policy of your website. It is your own responsibility to make sure you have added all necessary information.  

Please note, that you in case of offering several languages, you need to update the different languages separately. If you for example chose to set up the privacy policy and cookie notice in English, but you offer also Spanish on your website or booking engine, by default, a potential booker will see the policy in English, even if browsing in Spanish. You can add a policy and notice in for example Spanish, by selecting Spanish in the language drop down menu and adding the information in Spanish in the text box.

Step 3: Save your information

After you have filled in the information in the text box, you will see the below ‘Save’ bar popping up. Please click on ‘Save’ in order to  keep your changes.


After setting up your privacy policy, you should also add your own cookie notice.  

Step 4: Add your cookie notice

In order to set up the cookie notice you click on the tab ‘Cookie notice’ which is right next to the privacy policy tab.

Here you follow the same principle as for the privacy policy. First you need to select your language and then fill in the information for the cookie notice in the text box.

Step 5: Save your information

After adding the information you need to click on ‘Save’ again to keep your changes.


You have now added and saved your policies. In order to make the new information visible on your live Booking engine, you need to publish the changes.

Step 6: Publish your changes

If you wish to publish your changes you can click on the rocket symbol in the top right corner of your BookingButton BackOffice. When clicking on the rocket you will see the below pop-up window. You can publish your changes by clicking on ‘Set changes live’. All changes will be immediately visible on your BookingButton.


IMPORTANT: It is your responsibility to make sure that your privacy policy and cookie notice is compliant with your country, state and regional laws.

To find more information about compliance, please have a look at this article.