BookingButton upgrade: Getting started!

Have you seen the BookingButton upgrade option? Are you interested in setting up the new BookingButton and replacing the old one that you are currently using? With only a few steps you can replace your old button with a brand new one!

To help you to a smooth change we have collected FAQ’s on how to get started with BookingButton:

How do I upgrade to the new BookingButton?

In order to get the new BookingButton you need to sign up for this in your Extranet. You can do that by accessing your ‘Marketplace’ or ‘App Store’ tab once logged in to your Extranet. In that tab you will find a product tile with the title ‘BookingButton’. When clicking on the product tile you will see a pop-up menu in which you can start the sign-up process. Please note, that this upgrade does not happen automatically.

Bookings you receive through the new BookingButton are commission free. You only pay your fixed monthly subscription fee.

How can I manage the new BookingButton and its settings?

The new BookingButton has its very own BackOffice in which you can customize the design, track your booking statistics and add new languages. After signing up successfully you can login to the BookingButton BackOffice through the ‘Marketplace’ or ‘App Store’ tab in your Extranet by clicking on the ‘BookingButton’ product tile through which you signed up.

Are my existing reservations affected if I change to the new BookingButton?

No. Removing the old booking button and replacing it with the new one, will not affect the existing reservations.  

How can I delete my old button?

Before you can setup the new BookingButton you need to remove the old button first.

In order to delete your old booking button, you simply need to remove the code from the website on which you implemented the button.

Implementing the old booking button has most likely been a while ago. In case you are not completely sure anymore how exactly you added the code and have doubts about how to remove it, please reach out to your website admin or webmaster. They will be able to assist you with the removal of the code.

Now that you deleted the code, make sure to set up the new BookingButton as soon as possible so that you do not miss out on any direct bookings!

How do I set up BookingButton on a website?

Do you want to add the booking engine link for your new BookingButton to your website?

Please follow the instructions here.

Besides the link you can also decide between adding this code in form of a calendar widget


or a button widget!


The instructions for the setup on the different widget forms are listed in the ‘Setup’ category.

If you are not sure how to add the link to a website, you can send it to your webmaster, directly from the BookingButton BackOffice. The step-by-step guide can be found here.

How do I set up BookingButton on social media?

The new BookingButton can also be implemented on your social media accounts! It is mobile friendly and bookings can be made on all devices. So we recommend you to add the BookingButton also to your social media channels to maximize your potential for direct bookings. Our step-by-step set up guide for social media channels can be found here.

How can I customize BookingButton?

After setting up your brand new BookingButton on your channels, look into customizing it according to your brand and wishes. We recommend you to check out the three topics and articles below:

1. Have a look at the design and different layouts.

2. Choose the languages in which you wish to offer your BookingButton to your guests.

3. Check out our tips on customization of your privacy policy.

Want to know more about how BookingButton can help you maximizing the potential for your direct bookings? Have a look at our articles with tips from experts!