BookingButton top tips

Are you aiming at getting as many bookings as possible from BookingButton? We want you to get the most out of it. In order to help you with this we collected a few tips for you. Please find some best practices below:

1. Customize your look

Your website is the first window to your property, where your potential guests will first experience your brand. Make sure that your website visitors can benefit from a seamless and easy navigation on your website from the moment they arrive to the moment they check out with a booking.

Click here to find out more about your BookingButton customization options.

2. Highlight your BookingButton on your website

BookingButton is available in 3 different formats: a link, a button and a calendar. We encourage you to find the ideal combination of all these elements to optimise the conversion of your website.

Where should I add my BookingButton?

Every single one of your potential guests is unique and will navigate your website in a different way, therefore it’s important for you to anticipate where the best opportunities are to encourage a reservation.

Homepage: By default, this will be your most visited page so there’s plenty of possibilities to highlight your BookingButton. Try adding at least one button and one calendar on your Homepage to offer your visitors different access points to consult your rates.


Rooms page: If your website features a section dedicated to your rooms or apartments your potential guests will most likely browse through your content and consider which room would be the best fit for their travel needs (based on the pictures, amenities etc.). Pricing might be one their deciding factors so it’s an opportunity to provide easy access to all the information they need to finalize their decision.




Header and footer: Another way to highlight your BookingButton is to place it both on the top and bottom sections of every page on your website. By doing so, you increase the chances of always having a visible trigger to send them to your booking engine, even when they scroll through the page.


3. Monetize your Social Media

As travellers have more accommodation options to choose from, properties are having to find new ways to stay engaged with their potential guests and stand out from their competition. Click here to learn more about the importance of social media.

Get the most out of your social media channels by offering your followers the possibility to make a reservation. Click here for instructions on how to add your BookingButton to your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts


4. Keep your prices aligned

The best customized layout will not do the trick if the prices on your website are not competitive. Therefore, your rates in BookingButton should be the same or cheaper than in other channels. This will help you maximize the bookings through your website as your potential guests will be more likely to click on your BookingButton and complete their reservation. In order to convince the potential booker, it is important that they do not find that room for a cheaper price in any of your other channels.