How your BookingButton can boost your website's conversion

The most beautiful and carefully designed website can prove to be unsuccessful when its users experience a frustrating purchasing experience. Your BookingButton has been designed with the latest conversion optimisation technology to make sure that your website users can make a reservation in a quick, safe and easy way.

What is conversion?

Conversion refers to a successful transaction, and in the context of your website, conversion refers to a completed reservation.

When speaking about conversion we often refer to Lookers vs Bookers. Lookers are those website visitors who enter the booking engine but do not complete a reservation. The Bookers are those who enter the booking engine and do complete a reservation.

The conversion rate of your booking engine is a percentage to measure the rate at which you are converting lookers into bookers. It’s calculated by dividing the number of bookers (completed reservations) by the number of lookers (attempts to make a reservation).

Conversion rate = bookers / lookers

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How does BookingButton influence conversion?

Easy 3-step booking process: Booking a room should be a smooth process with no distractions. Your BookingButton guides your potential guests through 3 clearly defined steps to complete their reservation.

Responsive design: As mobile bookings are increasingly popular, your BookingButton has been designed with the latest trends in mind: all your BookingButton pages are adapted to all devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile, etc.) to ensure that your guests can make a reservation from home or on the go.

Personalized look and feel: Your guests will feel more comfortable when passing from the website to the booking engine thanks to the BookingButton customization options. You can upload your logo and match your colors to those of your website.

Global booking experience: Thanks to the BookingButton you will be able to attract a broad audience as it’s available in 40+ languages and guests can view your prices in 50+ different currencies.

Multi-room bookings: All your guests can benefit from an easy booking process, including those booking for families or friends since your BookingButton allows for multiple room reservations.

Secure payments: All data processed through the BookingButton is encrypted and secured, providing a sense of security and trust amongst visitors.