The importance of social media

The Power of Social Media and Customer Feedback in the Hotel Industry

Consumers today are more aware of advertising than ever before. Learn how to cut through the noise by using social media and customer feedback to increase customer engagement.

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4 Ways Digital Marketing Builds Your Online Presence

The internet has made the real world feel a lot smaller, but with that comes an online world that’s never been more cluttered. How can your property truly stand out from competitors and thrive as an online business? We explain how a strong online presence and brand identity comes from trying different kinds of digital marketing:

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Inspire guests through social media

Using social media as part of your marketing strategy allows you to get in front of your target audience before they even begin researching their next destination. Often, before they start their first search, guests are becoming inspired while scrolling through their social media newsfeeds, seeing their friends and family posting photos, stories or comments about their most recent trip.

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How can I implement my BookingButton on my social media channels? 

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