Basics of Customization

BookingButton allows you to customize your booking engine design according to the look and feel of your website. You can access your customization tools under the “View & Customize” section.


1. Theme

Each BookingButton theme has a unique design for your reservation pages. These pages include the steps each of your website visitors will take when making a reservation on your website. The preview function will help you to visualize how each of the themes will change the look of your reservation pages.

To change themes select a new one from the “Theme” drop-down menu. You will then see a preview of what your reservation page would look like with your selected theme. 

Click here to learn more about Themes


2. Font 

BookingButton allows you to choose from a pre-selected set of fonts.

To change font select a new one from the “Font” drop-down menu and you will immediately see your changes on the preview.  


3. Colours

Colour both informs and inspires, so your colour selection should reflect the mood, qualities, and image that you want your brand to convey. If your website has well-defined brand colours you can easily match them by using our colour picker tool.

To change colours you can either:

  1. Click on the colour swatch and insert a HEX / RGB / HSL code.
  2. Use the colour picker to find a suitable match.


4. Logo

You can upload your property’s logo to further personalize the design of your BookingButton. We recommend you to upload the same logo version that you currently have on your website to provide a consistent brand experience to all your website visitors.

To upload your logo you can drag and drop it into the logo section or upload it directly from your computer.  


Please note: If you don’t have a logo to upload, your property name will appear by default.

5. Your website address

Your logo or property name will act as a homepage button on your BookingButton pages. This way, visitors can always click it to return to your homepage. In order to enable this functionality, you can insert your website URL in the ‘Your website address’ section.   


6. Save your preferences

Once you've found the perfect combination of theme, fonts and color for your property's Booking Button please save all your changes by clicking on the Save button. 


7. Publish all your changes

To transfer all your changes onto your BookingButton for every visitor to see, click on the rocket icon on the top right corner of your screen and finally, click on the blue “Set changes live” button.