Learn more about languages

To select in which languages you want your BookingButton and Booking Engine to show, go to the Edit content > Languages page. Here, you will find a drop-down menu to select the Primary Language, and checkboxes to select as many additional languages as you want. 




The widget tries to detect the language that the guest has chosen on your website, and show the button in that same language that you have selected in the "Languages" section.
If the widget, due to your website’s configuration, is unable to detect the language selected by a visitor, it will show the button in the Primary Language of your choice.

Once a guest clicks on your BookingButton, all the pages within the booking engine will be shown in the same language. However, your website's visitors will always be able to change their language preference to any of the additional languages you have selected in the "Languages" section.

Changing primary language

If you want a language other than English as the primary language for your BookingButton , you first need to select that language from the list of translations. Once selected and saved,  it will immediately be added to the Primary language drop-down menu.